Bearpaw Scythian Horse BowItem Number: 63555X
$239.99 $239.99
Bearpaw Scythian Horse Bow

Bearpaw Scythian Horse Bow

Item Number: 63555X
$239.99 $239.99

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On the battlefield few warriors were as feared as the mounted archer. Bearpaw's Scythian horse bow recreates this warrior's deadliest weapon.

The Scythian horse bow is budget priced and features a classic design made from modern materials. Completely made from fiberglass, the Scythian is wrapped in high-quality twine for a traditional touch.

An excellent bow for children and young adults.

This bow requires you to use a bow glove for shooting off the hand. We recommend the Bearpaw Bowglove.

See Classic, Brass, and Leather thumb rings here.

The Scythian horse bow features a 6" brace height. The bow measures 50" in length. The draw length is up to 27"

Available in draw weights of 20, 25, and 30# @27".

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm