Vermil Classic Thumb RingItem Number: 63410X
$21.99 $21.99
Vermil Classic Thumb Ring

Vermil Classic Thumb Ring

Item Number: 63410X
$21.99 $21.99

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Vermil's original design, featuring a solid resin string guard for comfort and protection, is great for learning how to shoot using a thumb ring. To use the thumb ring, rest the string between the lip and guard, making sure to not hook your thumb too far around the string. Available in black or ivory, please specify. Available in 18 mm x 21mm, 19mm x 22mm, 20mm x 23mm, 21mm x 24mm, and 22mm x 25mm, please specify. See manufacturer charts below for sizing and measurements.

Measurement and Size Chart
How to measure your thumb Step 1

How to measure your thumb Step 2

Vermil Classic Thumb Ring Sizing Chart ~X MM
18X21 23 10
19X22 27 10
20X23 27.5 11
21X24 29 11.5
22X25 28 12.5

Notice from the manufacturer on modifying the Vermil Thumb Ring:
These rings are easy to customize using a file or sandpaper. You should wear breathing protection when modifying the ring. Do not attempt to melt the ring.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm