Arrow-Fix High Speed Taper ToolItem Number: 5595X
$75.99 $75.99
Arrow-Fix High Speed Taper Tool

Arrow-Fix High Speed Taper Tool

Item Number: 5595X
$75.99 $75.99

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These Arrow-Fix Taper Tools are perfect for people who build lots of arrows. They make point or nock tapers quick and easy.

The body is attached to a drill (not included) to taper larger quantities of wood arrows. The body and the sockets are constructed from aluminum alloy. The high quality blades are great for making tapers on tough hardwoods. Body and sockets sold separate, one of each required to use. Choose Nock (11°) or Point (5°) body. Socket sizes of 5/16", 11/32", or 23/64". A great tool for those who make arrows on a large scale.

  • Taper Points
  • Taper Nocks
  • Sockets available in 5/16", 11/32", 23/64"
  • Allen Wrench included with Bodies
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm