Trading Post Carbon Tech Panther Shafts 40/80 [32" length] (dozen)Item Number: ARROWTP-20
$139.99 $109.99
Made in the US
Trading Post Carbon Tech Panther Shafts 40/80 [32

Trading Post Carbon Tech Panther Shafts 40/80 [32" length] (dozen)

Item Number: ARROWTP-20
$139.99 $109.99
Made in the US

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Carbon Tech Panther Shafts 40/80 [32" length] (dozen) nocks and inserts included=$109.99. Limited supply. First come, first served. No backorders.

The Carbon Tech Panther is a "tru-tapered" shaft providing a true tapering down the entire length of the arrow, which allows for the most accurate arrow tuning with "Adjustable Spine Control." Cutting the shaft at different points changes the spine of the arrow. Cutting off at the nock end increases spine and cutting off the insert end decreases spine of the Carbon Tech Panther arrow.

Being a full length tapered carbon arrow produces "Far Front of Center" (FOC) arrow dynamic design to provide great stabilization, amazing grouping and even better penetration on big game animals.

Includes white Bohning Signature nocks and aluminum inserts. No matter where you cut the shaft the nocks and inserts will fit properly.

Carbon Tech developed a superior wrapping system that allows you to fletch, re-fletch, re-fletch, and re-fletch without any harm to the top layer. Wear of the arrow is unheard of with Carbon Tech arrows. The "barreling" design of the shaft allows for tighter groups, less drag, and far greater durability. Has a black matte finish.

  • Easiest arrow to Tune in the Universe!
  • Tru-Taper design adds Far Front of Center Weight
  • Nocks and inserts fit no matter where you cut it