PSE Terra 64" Longbow Item Number: 2612X
$229.99 $229.99
PSE Terra 64" Longbow

PSE Terra 64" Longbow

Item Number: 2612X
$229.99 $229.99

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You'll be surprised that such an attractive longbow comes at such an affordable price. The PSE Terra Longbow looks great, with its hand-selected woods and elegant curves. Priced for beginners, and perfect for pre-teen to adult shooters.

Riser: Radiused shelf cut approx. 1/8" before center. Features a low grip. Laminated hand-selected woods for strength. Rest and Plate are NOT included. Buy your Rest and Plate separately here.

Limbs: Hand-selected woods with black fiberglass.

String: Dacron string.

Manufacturer Recommended Brace height: 7½" - 7¾".

Bow length: 64"

Options: Right handed in 30#, 35#, 40#, 45#, 50#, or 55#; or left handed in 45#, 50#, or 55#.