Muzzy Archery

Over the years Muzzy Broadheads has built a reputation not only in the bowhunting world, but in bowfishing as well. Their broadheads feature bone-busting strength and razor sharp edges. And their bowfishing points and shafts stand up to the toughest rigors of this growing sport.
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Designed specifically for tough skinned fish like gar, these replacement points fit the AMS Shure Shot Penetrator Bowfishing Point. Sold by the two pack.

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Designed specifically for tough skinned fish like carp, these replacement points fit the Piranha Carp Point. Sold by the two pack.

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Somewhere there's a story being told. A story about the perfect morning, the perfect shot, and the perfect buck. Chances are somewhere in that story there's a Muzzy Broadhead.

For more than 30 years Muzzy has been the broadhead of choice for many bowhunters. The new more

Sticking that big fish with your arrow is just the beginning. Now you need the land that leviathan! That means you need a bowfishing line you can count on. Muzzy comes through with their braided 200 pound test bowfishing line.

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Nobody does bowfishing like Muzzy! They know the challenges you face and the advantages you need when you're fighting the big fish on the water. That's why they've developed the Tac Rail Line Puller to create line resistance for easier use of your spincast reel.

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It's a great feeling. You stand on the bow of the boat, searching the water for movement. Then you see it... that big grey shadow just below the surface. You shoot! You hit! Now reel it in! Muzzy helps you land that big fish with their bowfishing bottle reel.

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