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Life was tough for our pioneer ancestors. But having a trusty Kentucky black powder rifle handy made things a bit easier. Now you can recreate one of those magnificent weapons with this Kentucky Muzzleloading Rifle kit.

This black powder rifle kit comes with almost more

The St. Louis Hawken Rifle is a replica of the famous rifle manufactured by the Hawken Brothers in the 1820s. It was the "go-to" muzzleloading rifle for buffalo hunters, fur trappers, and plainsmen.

This black powder rifle kit comes with almost everything you need more

The black powder pistol was a vital piece of equipment for American pioneers and explorers in the early 19th Century. Recapture those thrilling days with this Kentucky Black Powder Pistol kit.

You assemble this quality percussion muzzleloader pistol yourself. more

Birchwood Casey has offered this durable gloss finish for many, many years as a gun stock finish. It didn't take bowyers long to figure out that it is also an excellent bow finish. Easy to apply by hand. The more coats you hand rub, the nicer the finish will be. Especially more

Put a bold blue-black finish on your rifle or pistol with Traditions Liquid Blue.

Perfect for your do-it-yourself black powder rifle or pistol kits. Or use it on an existing gun to restore it to its former glory.

Fast-acting with a consistent, more

Muzzleloaders are an iconic part of American history. You can be part of that history by crafting your very own Frontier muzzleloading rifle.

This black powder rifle kit comes with almost everything you need to build an authentic black powder rifle just like the more

Put the finishing touches on your Traditions muzzleloading kit. This kit has everything you need to stain and finish your gun stocks or handles.

It's great for refinishing the stocks on your old rifles and pistols too.

You discovered it years ago, and to this day you've held onto it. It's that deep, powerful connection you have to the past. Nothing brings that past to life like Plum Brown Barrel Finish for muzzleloaders.

This barrel finish allows you to restore antique guns and more

Davy Crockett is as much a part of muzzleloading history as black powder itself. This kit lets you recreate Crockett's famous "Old Betsy" .32 caliber muzzleloading rifle. There's no greater way to enjoy history than to become part of it with this exciting hands-on kit. more

If you want to truly immerse yourself in the great pastime of muzzleloading, buy yourself a quality Traditions™ muzzleloader rifle kit. The Mountain Rifle kit recreates the classic black powder rifle used by early American explorers and fur trappers. The longer barrel more

Traditional archers already know the thrill of taking "the one shot challenge!" Now you can seek out more challenges and still remain true to your traditional roots with this do-it-yourself Trapper Muzzleloader Pistol kit.

Each kit comes with more

It may well be the coolest thing you'll ever own! This working miniature cannon is a scale replica of the same artillery used on the USS Constitution, AKA "Old Ironsides."

Old Ironsides and its powerful cannons were the scourge of the British Navy during the War of more