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Velocity measurements from 20-9,999 feet per second (fps) with accuracy of ±0.5% of measured velocity or better. Just step back 5-15 feet from the target and shoot through the aiming guides. The ProChrono LTD shows your arrow's velocity.

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The optional indoor lighting setup for using with the ProChrono. For measuring your arrows or bullets velocity measurements from 20-9,999 feet per second (fps) with accuracy within ±0.5%.

See ProChrono LTD

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½ pound weight allows the weighing of 15# to 30# shafting just by cutting the deflection reading in half. For use with the Ace Spine-Master Spine Tester.

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Are your 500 carbon shafts really .500" deflection? Now you can know for sure.

This 1 pound 3 ounce Carbon-Aluminum weight converts your Ace Spine-Master, standard AMO (ATA), scale for measur...read more

Finally! A spine tester for the home wood arrow builder that won't break the bank. This unit mounts to the wall so it's always ready for action. Compact size that measures at 26" centers for measuring wood arrows (no carbon or aluminum arrows). Spines wood arrow shafts ...read more

The Ace Archery Spin-Spine Tester measures by ATA 26" centers or Easton's 28" centers to test any arrow shaft of carbon, aluminum, or wood. Included with the Spin-Spine Tester are a 2 lb weight and a 1.94 lb weight. These weights allow you to measure arrow shaft spin...read more

A digital grain scale is a valuable tool for archers and bowhunters. But keeping your arrows and shafts from falling off while you're weighing them can be tricky.

With this Arrow Holder you can keep your arrows and shafts in place while you weigh them on your digi...read more

Quality compact "pocket" electronic grain scale at a low affordable price! This little digital grain scale accurately weighs in grains, ounces, penny weight, and grams. Serious bowhunters and target archery shooters know that matching your arrow components closely im...read more

This 500 gram weight is for calibrating your 3Rivers Archery Digital Pocket Grain Scale. This is the required weight if you want to recalibrate the scale. It is precision made to keep your grain scale working at its peak p...read more

Serious bowhunters and target archery shooters know that matching your arrow components closely improves your overall arrow accuracy. The Superior Balance Arrow-2000 has everything you need to accurately weigh your arrows. Maximum capacity of 2,000 grains with accuracy of 3...read more

Handy arrow measuring tape. Attach this 36" paper measuring tape to your work bench and you'll always be ready for measuring arrows, shafting, or anything else for that matter. Bright yellow background with black lettering is easy to read. Includes an arrow paper tuning ...read more

An arrow that flies true is worth its weight in gold. The Pine Ridge Archery Arrow Inspector allows you to check arrow shaft straightness, broadhead and nock alignment, and fletching balance.

This outstanding tool has steel axles and precision cut aluminum wheels, ...read more