limb bolt bow quivers

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The unique mounting system is adjustable in length to solidly fit on any 3-piece takedown longbow or recurve bow. Weighs 7 ounces and holds 5 arrows securely. Instantly installed or removed without unstringing your bow and without removing arrows from the quiver.

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Selway Rawhide Flex-Quiver was designed with the bowhunter in mind to help reduce excess noise. Selway's flex post absorbs most of the vibration normally transferred from the bow to the quiver, thus reducing noise. For 3-piece takedown bows only.

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Designed to install under the limb bolts of takedown recurve bows and longbows. See conversion kit below for those with Black Widow bows or bolts that have a recessed bezel.

Holds up to 5 arrows, 5/16"-23/64" in diameter. Weighs 7.5 ounces. The Rawhide more