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Birchwood Casey has offered this durable gloss finish for many, many years as a gun stock finish. It didn't take bowyers long to figure out that it is also an excellent bow finish. Easy to apply by hand. The more coats you hand rub, the nicer the finish will be. Especially more

Gasket lacquer is specially formulated for use with gasket systems, such as the Speed Coat Dipper Cap Kit or Eco-Dipper. With these systems, 3Rivers Gasket Lacquer dries in more

Painting Carbon and Aluminum shafts has never been easier! True North Arrows' Carbon/Aluminum Prep is an environmentally safe way to prep your shafts for crown dips or full dips. Simply pour some on a cloth, wipe the shaft, and let it dry. No need to rinse! Use it with your more

Gasket lacquer is specially made for use with gasket systems, such as the Speed Coat Dipper Cap Kit or Eco-Dipper. With these systems, 3Rivers more

Bright colors in a water based formula. Deep penetrating and 100% nonflammable. May be shipped overseas and via air mail. Sold by the each in 4 oz. bottles.

Great for dying natural leathers too.

Available in (A) Tan, (B) Medium Brown, (C) Yellow, (D) Red, more

Alcohol based arrow stain penetrates even the most stubborn shafting to create deep, beautiful hues that dry fast. These stains work well on self bows and leather projects too. Actual colors may vary, shown sealed with Gasket Lacquer. Recommended of a 24 hour dry time before more

Use this to thin Fletch-Lac Finishes to maintain proper flow when dipping arrows. Also great for cleaning cresting brushes when using Fletch-Lac Cresting Paints. Flammable. Only to be used with Bohning more

New and improved! Has less odor, lower viscosity, clearer, no color bleeding, and deeper penetration on wood shafts.

Thunderbird Arrow Finish is a unique finish that starts out as a lacquer and dries to a tough polyurethane.

This very high quality more

Want to do some cresting or crown dipping on your carbon or aluminum shafts? This primer from True North Arrows makes it easy. Use a brush or use a dip tube to apply shaft primer to your carbon or aluminum shafts. Then paint your shafts as desired. Your cresting and crown more

Add that final touch to your arrows with True North Eco-Friendly Clear Arrow Finish!

Not only is it the perfect sealer for your arrows, but it's also great for bow finishes.

It is recommended you use the "Free Dip Method" in a read more

Water based shaft sealers are here to stay and will one day take over the industry. Ours is a quality "high solids," exterior grade, water-based acrylic sealer designed to keep water out and still give you a nice glossy arrow finish. No flash point, superior more

These True North Stains will add a touch of quality and color to your arrows.

Featuring super bright and vibrant colors of orange, pink, purple, yellow, blue, green, grey, honey, rosewood, and black mahogany in 4 ounce bottles.

The manufacturer more