Thunderbird Arrow & Bow FinishItem Number: 6651X
$24.99 $24.99 - $29.99
Made in the US
Thunderbird Arrow & Bow Finish

Thunderbird Arrow & Bow Finish

Item Number: 6651X
$24.99 $24.99 - $29.99
Made in the US

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New and improved! Has less odor, lower viscosity, clearer, no color bleeding, and deeper penetration on wood shafts.

Thunderbird Arrow Finish is a unique finish that starts out as a lacquer and dries to a tough polyurethane.

This very high quality finish is ideal for longbows, recurves, selfbows, and arrows. It remains flexible and will not crack under any weather conditions. It is extremely resistant to gasoline, alcohol, and water. Thunderbird Arrow Finish is a medium viscosity product with a 21% solid content. This material can be reduced up to 20% for spraying with Thunderbird Slow Drying Lacquer Thinner. For dipping arrows, thin approximately 40%.

DO NOT clean-up or reduce with mineral spirits or alcohol.

Thunderbird Slow Drying Lacquer Thinner is specifically designed for thinning Thunderbird Arrow Finish when building bows or arrows. If you are seeing a cloudiness in your Thunderbird Finish when it dries, add some of this thinner. Sold by the quart.

Very popular with arrow builders and bowyers alike. If you are looking for a rugged finish that really locks out the moisture from bows and arrows give Thunderbird Arrow Finish and Thunderbird Arrow Finish Thinner a try.

Sold by the quart. Arrow Finish available in Gloss and Satin. Thinner sold separately. Please specify.

    Thunderbird Arrow Finish
  • Tough polyurethane that locks out moisture
  • For bowyers & arrow builders
  • Choose Gloss or Satin
    Thunderbird Arrow Finish Thinner
  • For thinning the Thunderbird Arrow Finish
  • Clears cloudiness in Thunderbird Arrow Finish
  • Slow drying
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm