finger savers

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Beginners and experts alike love these finger savers! They're the perfect fit for kids, and an ideal substitute for gloves when you're bowfishing! Just slide them on your bow string and they not only protect sensitive fingers, they help keep the arrow on the string and allow more

Made of a strong, soft material, Pine Ridge’s Finger Savers allow you to shoot a bow without using a finger tab or glove. Simply install the Finger Saver just below your nocking point and you’ll be ready to shoot.

Perfect for beginning shooters, the more

Lose your glove? Ruin your tab? Don't worry! You have the No-More Glove 2! Just install it directly on your bow string. It's like having your glove or tab with you everywhere you take your bow.

Made from a single piece of semi-rigid, pliable rubber, the No-More more

Crafted from semi-rigid, yet pliable silicone, these Finger Savers offer you exceptional comfort without compromising on durability. Their easy-to-install design means they thread seamlessly onto your bow string with the included cotter pin, ensuring a secure fit that stays more