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This famous knife and file set really needs no introduction. Made popular by Fred Bear himself, this set is a faithful reproduction of the original prototypes made by Frank Scott in Grayling, Michigan back in the 1950's.

These kits are handmade (more than 7 hours more

You can make a very nice flint knife with this stone knife kit. The kit includes a hand knapped stone blade, a hardwood handle, hide glue, enough gut material to easily haft the blade to the handle, and detailed instructions.

Can be used in cub scout or boy scout more
The word Tomahawk comes from the old Algonquian word tamahack, meaning "what is used in cutting." People are still cutting with Tomahawks today, and the Cold Steel Trail Hawk is one of the best, combining the classic design of a traditional Tomahawk with the power and precision more
1001 uses. No tool/tackle box should be without one! Colors may vary. more
The name Byron Ferguson is synonymous with traditional archery. Byron has been a true ambassador for the sport throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world.

So when Byron wanted a versatile, quality knife he went to Wildsteer, more

These Ratchet Shears easily cut through up to 1" branches with its 3-stage ratcheting tool-Steel blade. TeflonĀ® coated to reduce friction and resist rusting.

Constructed with a strong and lightweight Aluminum body in bright color (will vary) to be much easier to locate more

Used by both the Native Americans and European settlers, the Tomahawk has a long and varied history in North America. People are still using Tomahawks today, and Cold Steel is providing some of the best on the market. The Frontier Hawk is no exception, combining the classic more
Made from sturdy Cor-Ex Nylon, this sheath fits the Cold Steel Frontier Hawk Tomahawk. A convenient snap secures the sheath in place. Measures approximately 3-Ā½" x 4". Imported. more
You'll feel the power of the Vikings coursing through your veins as you wield this mighty Norse throwing hawk! The curved, cutting edge is designed to cut deep, with an aerodynamic design that makes it a great tomahawk for throwing competitions.

While we don't more
Keep your Norse Hawk sharp and clean with the Norse Hawk Sheath! Made from Cor-Ex Nylon, this sheath is the perfect companion for your Norse Throwing Hawk. Great protection to keep the edge sharp while being stored or more
A dependable hunting knife is worth 1000 times its weight in venison. The Vanguard 192 from Buck Knives is just such a knife.

Perfect for big game hunters, the Vanguard is a classic fixed blade hunting knife made in the USA. The comfort and security provided by the more

Face any wilderness challenge with the 104 Compadre Camp Knife by your side! Made by Buck Knives, it's a quality knife designed to handle tough, backwoods adventures.

Features full tang construction with a 5160 spring steel blade. Buck Knives has coated the blade more