Bow Stabilizers

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Limbsaver® knows how to keep quiet. The S-Coil Stabilizer is made from proprietary NAVCOM® material to Stop Noise Now! It offers the maximum in noise reduction, while also reducing hand shock and bow torque. The 2½" works as an extender for more

Keep your aim steady and true with K3 Stabilizers from .30-06 Outdoors.

Designed to give target archers and bowhunters superior performance, K3 bow stabilizers provide a tight fit to your bow. The weight is set further out front for better stability and balance. more

Being a champion archer means mastering stability and accuracy. Nothing helps you achieve that perfect balance better than customzing the weight on your bow riser. Using Hoyt's ingenious barebow riser weight system allows you to do just that.

Made exclusively for more

Stability is a must if you want to move from the shooting range to the winner's podium. The Stokerized RDS (Riser Dampener Stack) stabilizer system lets you customize the weight added to your bow for increased stability and performance.

The RDS gives barebow more

Add extra weight to your Stokerized RDS stabilizer to extreme tune your stability and performance. Customize your set-up by adding or removing weights as needed.

Available in black (1 or 2 oz.), sniper green (1 oz.), and more

The Samick Discovery Weight System allows you to add weight to your Samick Discovery ILF riser, improving performance and stability.

This simple weight can be inserted into either the upper or lower limb pockets on current (starting with 2020) models of the read more

Stability is a key component of accuracy. By adding this 4 ounce weight to either the upper or lower limb pocket of your Atlas ILF Riser you can increase the riser weight, improving shot stability. This is ideal for target more