String Building

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Build nearly any length Flemish twist string with this full size handmade jig. Simple to use. Directions included. Measures approximately 3½" x 26". more
Don't nock it till you try this! Our Aluminum Bow Square is the perfect tool for all your string tuning and nock placement needs. Accurately check string brace height, or precision set your nocking point. Measures 6-12" for brace height, and up to 5/8" more
Extra wide, self-opening crimping surface sets string nocks with ease. Polymer coated handles and steel construction. A must for any archer's tackle box! more
Looking for the best all-around bow string wax? We've found that straight beeswax is too hard. Our 3Rivers String Maker's Wax is a special blend of pure beeswax and pine rosin for the perfect bow string wax.

Preferred by Flemish string makers because of its inherent more

Now you can make your own custom Bow Strings using your own custom String Jig! Some assembly required. 9/16" wrench required (not included).

The P&A String Jig offers many options for creating a string jig that's just right for you. Buy a full Endless Loop more

The Pro String Server features a unique double-bar tension system. The self-centering washers contribute to even tension when serving. The replaceable, no-fray thread guide simplifies the threading process, and increases the smoothness of the serving process. This tool will more

Pro string builder Chad Weaver and IBO champion Rod Jenkins use there nearly 50 years of string building experience with more than 10,000 built bow strings made to teach you how to build 2-bundle and 3-bulndle Flemish twist bow strings and an endless loop bow string. DVD also more
This affordable, versatile bow tuning kit is perfect for all archers and should be in every archery tackle box. Features a folding bow square, nocking pliers, and three brass nocking points. This handy kit is impeccable for new and seasoned archers alike. more
Scorpion Venom polymeric bow string wax helps reduce friction between string strands. It is odor free, waterproofing, and is not brittle in cold weather. Easy to use and apply with included leather patch.

  • Helps reduce friction between the string strands< more
The "Forked Horn" bow square from Saunders is a patented design that allows the gauge to swing away while you install your string nock point. The rod measures 5/16" in diameter. The Forked Horn bow square accurately checks string brace height from 6-12", and more
Don't let the name fool you! String Snot is one of the premiere, high performance bow string waxes on the market!

Using a precise blend of grease, wax, and oil, String Snot increases your bow string's performance while also protecting it.

The name more
Simple design with solid performance. The Tornado serving tool offers adjustable tension and smooth thread flow. Self centering washer and axle system are for super smooth uniform servings. Serving not included. Instructions included. An excellent tool for making quick, tight more