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Thumbrings are considered an essential component of archery tackle in many parts of the world, yet they are for the most part "unknown" in the Western world. With the ever growing popularity of horse bows and other Eastern archery bows, the thumbring has piqued the more
Flight Archery is one of the oldest forms of archery competition in North America. The goal is to see your arrow's flight out-distance that of your competitors.

This booklet covers the history, world records, and details about this amazing sport that many modern more
Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Black Elk... they are names etched in history. All three were members of the Lakota Sioux tribes of the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Nebraska.

This booklet offers valuable insights into this fascinating Native American tribe. Included are more
Horace A. Ford is known as the greatest target archer of all time. Although minor improvements have been made in the past 150 years in methodology, Ford's shooting disciplines, techniques and other insights into shooting the longbow remain as the practical guide for archers. 128 more
Fred Bear is a legendary figure in archery and bowhunting history and these are the hunts of Fred Bear, written in his own words. This is your chance to share a campfire with Fred Bear, to hunt elephant in Africa, moose in Alaska, tiger in India, and much more. more
By Peter O. Stecher. A Who's Who of archery legends. Presenting the techniques, equipment, and philosophies of Saxton Pope, Art Young, William Compton, Fred Bear, Howard Hill, Byron Ferguson, Ishi, and more from the late 19th century to today.

Filled with stories, more
Journey into Fred Bear's personal life. Experience his trials on the job and in the field as chronicled and remembered by his late son-in-law Charlie Kroll.

Relive the early struggles of Fred Bear and Bear Archery as a daring young man followed his archery and more
The Way of Archery provides a detailed introduction to practicing archery in the traditional Chinese military style. It explains the basics of how to shoot using the Asian thumb ring: proper posture, training regimen, equipment, and avoiding pitfalls in shooting. The more
All About Those Bows! This book covers everything you need to know about selecting, shooting, and maintaining a longbow!

Featuring 152 pages of insights, tips, and info on longbows. Guide to the Longbow is a must for any archer's library. Packed with more
This classic Trailing Tips booklet by Art Laha offers both knowledge and nostalgia. First printed back in 1960, the information presented inside is timeless and as relevant today as the day it came off the presses.

Art Laha shares his secrets for finding more

Kay Koppedrayer is one of the most highly regarded experts on traditional archery. In An Archery Lexicon she covers some of the unique, cryptic, and unusual vocabulary and traditions in the world of archery.

The author of read more