Bow Building Tools

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If you're going to make your own bows you need a tillering cord. This one is a full 76", 18 strand tillering cord with a nylon serving wrapped upper loop. The nylon wrapping protects the main body of the string from limb abrasion for a long cord life.

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Nice long strands of back sinew for sewing, wrapping and many other uses. Approximately 12" long. Each sold separately.
  • For sewing, wrapping and more
  • Sold individually
  • Approximately 12" in length
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These are quality Hickory backing strips for bowmaking. Whether you're backing a solid bow or gluing up several laminations, the Hickory backing is a durable backing. Grain configurations vary and the strips are approximately 1/8" x 1.5" x 68"-72". Extra more
Very nice bamboo for backing bows. Bamboo backing your bow can greatly improve the strength, durability and performance of the bow. Bamboo backing also allows you to use de-crowned wood when making a bow. Approximately 2" x 72". Extra shipping required.
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Liquid hide glue saves you time and trouble! If you've worked with crystalline hide glue, you know the hassle of setting up a double-boiler, the distinct aroma that fills your home and the cleanup involved. Titebond Liquid Hide Glue puts an end to that. Easy to apply, holds like more
Ever needed an easy to use wood glue that was waterproof? Titebond III is the answer! It's the first waterproof wood glue we've ever offered that wasn't a two-part epoxy. Ideal for hickory backing, sinew, and even rawhide backing your bows. We've even heard of canoe paddles more
Hardened steel rod puts perfect edges on your scrapers. May be used on all shapes and sizes. Comfort grip wooden handle.
  • Puts perfect edges on your scrapers
  • Use on all shapess and sizes
  • Wooden handle more
Measure your bow weight with digital accuracy!

Weighs bows up to 110# pull weight in .05 lb increments. Features two modes of peak weight and holding weight. Measures in pounds, ounces, and kg. Features a backlit display. Manufacturer lifetime warranty. more
Here are three scrapers with a wide variety of convex and concave shapes. Make any shaping job with curved or flat surfaces easier with this handy scraper set.
  • Wide variety of shapes
  • Convex & concave
  • Works on curved or flat surfaces
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  • A fancy 6" (blade) drawknife made from forged high carbon steel. Comes with leather, button down sheath, and wooden handles. Not too big, not to small...just right.
  • Forged high carbon steel construction
  • Leather sheath included
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  • This is pre-pounded back sinew, ready to use. It's great for backing bows because of it's long length. It's also great for hafting points and wrapping feathers. One hank.
    • Pre-pounded
    • Sold individually
    • Approximately 12" in length
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    Similar to the old "Coopers" bench, or the German schnitzelbank workbench. This bench is heavy duty, and with a little leg pressure, securely holds your bow in place while you work. (Bow and tools not included). Seat height is 24". Assembly required.

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