Riser Inserts

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Add some versatility to your bow with AMO sight (ATA Accessory) riser inserts. Perfect for attaching all riser mounted bow accessories, such as bow quivers, bowfishing reels, bow sights, and more. Includes two inserts with 10-24 cap screws. Requires drilling of riser. Instruct...read more

Open up a world of possibilities with the Front Stabilizer insert. This versatile insert allows you to attach a variety of accessories like stabilizers, bowfishing reels, and more. Features an industry-standard 5/16"-24 thread.  

We recommend using epoxy to install. For...read more

Two 1/4" x 20 thread brass inserts. Same riser inserts found on most Bear Archery Recurve bows. Many riser mounted bow quivers use the 1/4" x 20 riser inserts. For installing you will need a 5/16" drill bit. Sold by the pair.

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Take the edge in bowfishing without taking a lot of time! The Traditional Gadget Adapter attaches to your longbow or recurve bow and allows attachment of a screw-in bowfishing reel. Easy-on and easy-off with NO Drilling of your bow. Uses rubber straps to attach to your bow. It...read more

With rubber straps for secure attachment to your bow, this mount bracket adapter allows for easy mounting of items that use AMO sight (ATA Accessory) or front stabilizer bushings. No drilling is required, making setup quick and convenient. This adapter ensures...read more

You love your bow. The last thing you want to do is damage it. The Bow Wart ATA Quiver/Sight Mounting Bracket allows you to add accessory bushings to your bow without drilling holes in the riser.

Just attach the bracket to your bow riser using the super strong adhesi...read more

Whether you're building your very own traditional bow or want to upgrade an existing bow, the right components can make all the difference. This plunger bushing is just the thing to give your bow a professional touch, and open up use of plenty of accessories for your bow.

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Versatility is key for any bowhunting, bowfishing, or target shooting set-up. Make sure your bow is prepared for any situation with these bow quiver and sight bushings.

These steel bushings are ideal for bowbuilders who want to add a touch of professional utility to ...read more

For a quick, easy way to convert your takedown bow to a no-tools system, buy these Takedown Thumb Screw Limb Bolts.

No more looking for that tiny Allen wrench in your quiver or backpack. These limb bolts simply screw in by hand for easy installation and removal of limbs....read more

One simple change to your takedown bow can help you tap into your potential to be a better shot. Just add one or both of these Weighted Limb Bolts to stabilize your shot, increase your accuracy, and reduce string noise. Feel and see the difference with every shot you take.

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