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This detailed poster is illustrated by Valerie Waldorf and features full size drawings in brilliant blue ink. Heavy ivory colored stock. Measures approximately 23" tall x 35" wide. more
Flintknappers will love this beautifully illustrated ancient flint knapping poster. These flintknapping masterpieces were illustrated by Valerie Waldorf and will look great in your home or workshop.

These flint knapping illustrations are some of the best artworks more
A Master Knapper's Guide to The Fluted Point Traditions of North America presents illustrations, which are useful to modern flintknappers who are looking for guides, templates, or information. Author D.C. Waldorf included background information on the cultures and sites more
These primitive arrowheads are a great way to reach back to traditional archery's true roots. Suitable for hunting or replica arrows. Great for primitive enthusiasts or arrow builders looking for a different challenge. Ready to install on your wood arrows.

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Give your primitive arrows an authentic look with this Obsidian Hunting Point. Beautifully knapped and ready to install on your wood arrows. These Obsidian stone points are great for replica arrows, but are strong enough for bow hunting. Hunting sharp right from the more

Hand-forged, socketed medieval style arrowheads. Perfect for building replica medieval arrows. Not for shooting, replica arrows only.

Measures approximately 2½" long x 3/4" cutting width. Sold by the each. more
Hand crafted from Texas Georgetown flint, Keokuk flint, and Avon Flint, these beautiful Stone Age Broadheads™ will really set you apart!

Now you can have the authentic look that you crave on your modern arrows. Hand wrapped with real sinew, these broadheads more
These Battle Arc LARP Arrow Points screw into most standard arrow shafts. The foam padding on the tip makes them suitable for LARP battles or other archery games.

Measures 2" across x 3½" long from back of head. Weigh 315 grains (.72 ounces.) more

These are real knapped arrowheads, small, but the detail is very good. You can use them for crafts, jewelry, or making replica arrows for display. Ready to install on your wood arrows. Can be used in cub scout, or boy scout display arrow building projects, or for trade goods more

These Stevens Steel Trade Points are great replica points. Perfect for target shooting or for making replica arrows.

Trade Points got their name from being used for barter between Native Americans and Early Settlers and could be made from just about any metal. more
Nice hand knapped arrowhead necklaces. The small arrowhead is approx. 1 x 1¼" with a 20" hand-twisted art-sinew cord. The large arrowhead is approx 1¾" x 1½" and comes with a 22" hand twisted art-sinew cord. No two exactly alike. read more