Medieval Field Point, 6-packItem Number: 0967X
$6.99 $6.99 - $12.99
Medieval Field Point, 6-pack

Medieval Field Point, 6-pack

Item Number: 0967X
$6.99 $6.99 - $12.99

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They say when bows were drawn on a Medieval battlefield that the crows would gather and wait. For even they knew that the Medieval arrow point was among the deadliest weapons of its time. And when those arrows were let loose, the crows would soon feast. 

Designed after the deadly points used by longbowmen in those ancient days of battle, these glue-on points are perfect for your Medieval style wood arrows. Whether you want some quality points for target practice or want to recreate the look of ancient times, these quality burnished steel points are ideal. 

Crafted by Medieval experts from Italy, these points are offered in three different styles representing different historical points from Medieval times. 
Longobara Cone Point: A simple design, recalling points crafted from wrought iron. 
Aragorn Medieval Point: The rounded bullet point design is modeled after points used in practice and training. 
Quadrella Point: This aggressive design is inspired by the deadly Bodkin points, which were made for piercing armor, flesh, and bone on the battlefield. 

Made from burnished steel to give them an authentic look as well as to protect them from rust and oxidation. Feature a 5° glue-on taper that is threaded for an even more secure hold. Sold by the 6-pack only. 

Use the Screw-On Point Mounting Tool to install your Medieval points. It's a great way to get a secure fit without damaging your point or your arrow shaft.

Available in the following diameters and grain weights: 

  • Longobarba: 5/16" (85 grains), 11/32" (100 grains) 
  • Aragorn: 5/16" (100 grains), 11/32" (125 grains) 
  • Quadrella: 5/16" (100 grains), 11/32" (125 grains) 
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm