Hand Forged Tool KitItem Number: MS-3004
$29.99 $29.99
Made in the US
Hand Forged Tool Kit

Hand Forged Tool Kit

Item Number: MS-3004
$29.99 $29.99
Made in the US

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How many times have you been on the range or in the woods and needed just the "right" tool? Now you'll always be prepared with this hand forged tool kit.

These are common tools every muzzleloading enthusiast and outdoorsman needs.

The flat head screwdriver is hand forged from W1 tool steel and left untreated to prevent sparking around black powder. The tool is approximately 3-1/2" long with a 1/2" wide head.

The 3-1/2" cleaning pick is made from low carbon steel and is used for removal of debris and fouling in the touch hole of your flintlock rifle or 209 breech plugs and sidelock nipples of your percussion rifle.

The brush is made from mild steel and synthetic horse hair. It's ideal for brushing away dirt and debris.

The 3-1/2" long hammer head is made from brass with a mild steel handle. This is a great little tool for flint knapping, or small detail work in the field.

The low carbon steel ring holds all of the tools together, so you'll never loose or misplace them. The ring can be attached to a lanyard or carabiner for hooking to your pack or carrying on your person.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm