Full Length Spliced Arrow Feathers, 6-packItem Number: 39L1X
$16.50 $16.50 - $19.99
Made in the US
Full Length Spliced Arrow Feathers, 6-pack

Full Length Spliced Arrow Feathers, 6-pack

Item Number: 39L1X
$16.50 $16.50 - $19.99
Made in the US

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Add amazing beauty and vivid colors to your arrows with full length spliced feather fletchings. We've taken quality TrueFlight Feathers and spliced them into attractive multi-color fletchings.

At approximately 7½" these full length feather fletchings can make one quality cut per feather. Shield, parabolic, banana... the choice is yours. You cut them yourself using your own feather chopper.

Available right wing and left wing, in Traditional Barred/Lime, Traditional Barred/White, Red/Black/White, White/Black/Red, Lime/White/Black, Black/White/Lime, White/Black/Lime, and Lime/Black/White. Please specify.

What Wing Feather to Shoot?
It is an old belief that a Right handed (RH) shooter must shoot Left wing (LW) so the arrow spins away from the riser on release. This is not the case. An arrow only starts spinning once it is several feet in front of the bow, so feel free to shoot Left or Right wing.

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm