Fletching TemplatesItem Number: 8487X
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Fletching Templates

Fletching Templates

Item Number: 8487X
$11.50 $11.50

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These fletching templates allow you to create unique and amazing custom fletchings for your arrows.

These fletching templates come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. The feather quill fits securely in the guide to allow for consistent cuts fletching to fletching. Then you simply use a cutting board and blade to cut along the template for your very own custom fletchings.

Great for arrow builders who enjoy a hands-on, detailed approach to their arrow building. For best results, we recommend using a sewing cutting board and a 60mm rotary cutter.

Made from sturdy, clear cast Perspex® plastic.

Available in Left Wing and Right Wing in Fantasy Superfast (5", 4.5"), Fantasy (5"), Indian (5.5"), Trailing Rear Point (6", 5", 4"), Parabolic (6", 5", 4", 3"), Shield (5", 4", 3"), and A&A Tuffhead (2.5"). Banana (6.5", 5", 4", 3", 2") and Flu Flu (4") in Universal only. Please specify.

Fletching Templates
Size Left Wing Right Wing Universal
2"     Banana
2.5" A&A Tuffhead A&A Tuffhead
3" Parabolic, Shield Parabolic, Shield Banana
4" Trailing Rear Point, Parabolic, Shield Trailing Rear Point, Parabolic, Shield Banana, Flu Flu
4.5" Fantasy Superfast Fantasy Superfast  
5" Fantasy Superfast, Fantasy, Trailing Rear Point, Parabolic, Shield Fantasy Superfast, Fantasy, Trailing Rear Point, Parabolic, Shield Banana
5.5" Indian Indian  
6" Trailing Rear Point, Parabolic Trailing Rear Point, Parabolic  
6.5"   Banana
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm