Cub Scout "Arrow of Light" Crossover Award Striping SetItem Number: 7982
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Made in the US
Cub Scout

Cub Scout "Arrow of Light" Crossover Award Striping Set

Item Number: 7982
$10.99 $10.99
Made in the US

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The Arrow of Light Award is a significant achievement in a Webelo's scouting journey. It signifies his graduation from Cub Scout to Boy Scout.

This special Arrow of Light Arrow Striping Set makes marking this journey convenient and memorable. The arrow wraps fit perfectly and easily on an arrow of your making or the Crossover Arrow, making cresting with paints a thing of the past.

The 50 colored wraps signify the many advancements and achievements throughout the Cub Scout's career from Tiger scout through their journey to Webelos and the Arrow of Light award. This is a great way to reward your Scout and show him his progress in reaching his Scouting achievements.

Includes 3 sample ceremonies and 50 colored wraps for a single arrow.

    Included cresting strips with meaning:
  • ORANGE = For Tiger (1)
  • BLACK = For Bobcat (1)
  • RED= For Wolf (1)
  • GREEN = For Bear (1)
  • GOLD (2) SILVER (20) = For Arrow points
  • BLUE = For Webelos Badge (1)
  • White = Webelos Achievement pins (20)
  • PURPLE = For World Conservation (1)
  • TAN = For Religious Award (1)
  • YELLOW = For Arrow of Light (1)

Comes with three sheets of Arrow Wraps, as well as complete instructions and guide.

Arrow NOT Included!