Vermil Fast Shooting Nocks 12-packItem Number: 63420X
$10.99 $10.99
Vermil Fast Shooting Nocks 12-pack

Vermil Fast Shooting Nocks 12-pack

Item Number: 63420X
$10.99 $10.99

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These authentic quality Vermil Fast Shooting Nocks are designed to perform when "milliseconds matter!"

When you're competing in horse archery or speed shooting, these nocks turn your arrows into bullets. The wider groove provides easier nocking, allowing you to keep your eyes on the target for a consistent and swift shot.

Available in two different models.
X-Nock: An innovated design that blends tradition with modern insights. The X-Nock features an angled, flat gripping area that allows for easier positioning, secure hold, and a smooth shot.

K-Nock: Inspired by eastern horse archery traditions, the K-Nock is designed so you can fire shots quickly and accurately. It is a great nock to use with the traditional eastern thumb ring.

Vermil arrow nocks are made from a durable modern Polycarbonate plastic,yet they are accurately modeled after the historic nocks used in ancient Asian and Eastern horse archery.

Vermil X-nocks and K-nocks fit carbon arrows with an inside diameter of .2445" and .246". This will fit most standard size carbon arrows.

X models weigh 21 grains each. K models weigh 16 grains each.

Sold by the dozen. Available in K or X models in Ivory or Black. Please specify.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm