Slick Stick 58" RecurveItem Number: 868505X
$499.99 $399.99
Slick Stick 58" Recurve

Slick Stick 58" Recurve

Item Number: 868505X
$499.99 $399.99

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The Slick Stick just got slicker! Bearpaw is now offering this popular bow in a recurve model! They've utilized the same woods and same dedication to quality to produce a recurve bow like no other!

Limbs: You can't go wrong with bamboo. It's one of the strongest and most flexible limb materials on the planet. Bearpaw has bamboo as the core and covered with an Alder veneer and clear fiberglass to give the Slick Stick limbs beauty and performance. That makes for a smooth shooting bow with no hand-shock. They've added micarta tip overlays for extra stability and strength.

Riser: The dished grip of the riser provides comfort and control. The charcoal gray or nutmeg brown super action wood adds beauty and character, while the durable satin matt finish ensures that beauty will last. Features a radiused, cut-on center shelf. Rest installed.

String: Bearpaw includes the "Whisper" bow string, a Dyneema® andDacron blended Flemish twist string.

At 58" the Slick Stick Recurve is great for archers of age ranges from teen to full grown men. Shoots smooth, even at longer draw lengths (manufacturer recommended maximum draw length is 32"). It also comes with a string nock and a lifetime warranty. Recommended brace height of 7¾ - 8".

The Slick Stick Recurve is available in colors of charcoal gray or nutmeg brown, in right or left handed. Comes in weights of 29, 35, 40, 45, 50, or 55# @ 28" draw. Please specify.

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Choose from a left or right handed bow (choose based on what hand you Draw the bow string with), and bow weight at a 28" draw length. Remember that with a traditional bow the weight will change depending upon what your draw length is. Bow weight will change approximately ±2½ pounds for every inch from a bows rated draw length. So a bow rated 45# @ 28" bow is roughly a 42½# @ 27" or 47½# @ 29". Draw weight is marked at the nearest 5# increment to actual weight, (2#'s under and 3#'s over). This is an industry wide standard.

Minimum Arrow Weight - Do not shoot an arrow weighing less than eight grains for every pound of peak draw weight. For example: If your bow's peak weight is 40 pounds at your 30" draw length, do not shoot an arrow weighing less than 320 grains total arrow weight (40# x 8 gpp = 320 grains). Shooting an arrow below eight grains per pound (gpp) can cause damage to your bow similar to dry firing and possible injury to the shooter or others nearby. Damage caused by shooting an arrow that is too light will damage the bow and will not be covered under warranty by 3Rivers Archery or bow manufacturer.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm