hip & pocket quivers

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Inexpensive and lightweight, this 3Rivers Archery Hip Quiver is the perfect companion for the range. It offers easy access for your arrows, and quick and easy attachment and detachment.

For a hip quiver it has superior capacity, holding up to 6 arrows, at approximat...read more

Being a winner means being prepared. With the Outlaw II Field Quiver you'll be prepared for anything at the tournament or on the range.

The Outlaw II is made for arrows of most lengths with field points.

Features two roomy pockets for storing tabs, gloves, ...read more

E.W. Bateman offers this classic design pocket quiver made with some of the highest quality vinyl. Holds 6 arrows. Designed to fit most back pockets. Wear in your back pocket using tab that is built into the back of the pocket quiver, or wear on a belt (not included). Fits right ...read more

Walk the trails of the past with this classic 1960's style pocket quiver. Constructed with soft leather with a bear stamped on the flap. Designed to slide into most back pockets, or wear on a belt (not included).

Easily holds six arrows, and measures 5½" d...read more

Whether you're on the range or roving the woods, this Heavy Duty Sidekick Quiver is your faithful companion. Made to not only carry your arrows, this quiver also has room for extras.

Constructed from quality 7-9 oz. cowhide, this quiver is built to last. Traditions L...read more

This Pope & Young style belt quiver is made of top-grain rich brown leather. The 3½" opening with tapered design will comfortably hold 12 arrows. The antler button accent adds an extra traditional touch. Fits right and left handed archers. Requires a belt to use. No a...read more
The 3-Pocket Quiver is the perfect quiver for the range or backyard. Plus, there is a roomy pocket to keep extras like your tab, glove, or bow stringer. This 3 Pocket quiver slides into the back pocket of most pants, or it can be worn on a belt (not included, see our read more
Is it a bow sock? Is it a belt? Or is it a quiver?

The KTB Belt is all three! Also known as the Gungdae (Korean for Bow Sleeve), this handy accessory acts as a bow sock for protecting your bow during transportation.

Once you're on the...read more

Nothing gives you that "traditional spirit" like a great handmade leather hip quiver. The Latigo Hip Hunter Quiver features quality 9-10 oz. latigo leather and a reinforced body for a hip quiver that will stay by your side for years to come.

The rubber grip...read more

Made of a durable 600 x 300 denier polyester shell, the Range Rover Deluxe keeps cool on a hot day at the range, and is lightweight.

Features six arrow sleeves and six accessory pockets, including one that zips. You will find plenty of space for your pencil, score...read more
The 3Rivers Archery Leather Target Quiver Belt is perfect for those hunters looking for a more traditional looking belt for their hip quiver. Perfect for those long days on the range, this belt was made for all-day wear. Measures approximately 1-1/4" tall. Fast and easy be...read more
If you've ever been caught on the range without extra bow strings, field points, or other necessities, this hip quiver is for you.

In addition to four 1 ¼" diameter arrow tubes, this leather hip quiver features two zippered accessory pockets (one measur...read more