glue-on blunts & SGPs

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Big brother to the Judo stump shooting point. With a full 2" wingspan for the spring arms, the Kondor flies with pinpoint accuracy, yet nothing escapes its grasp. It won't disappear under grass, or stick into trees. Practically indestructible. Require a 5° more

The flat nose packs a heavyweight punch, and the 7/8" diameter claws follows causing massive tissue damage. Built with a 11/32" diameter to fit wood arrows 11/32" and 23/64". Requires a 5° point taper to mount to. Each Tiger Claw Blunt weighs 145 more

The Tiger Claw Blunt is a devastating small game head perfect for the toughest of small game. The secret to its effectiveness are the 7/8" diameter steel claws that follow the blunt tip. Great for use with the Tiger Claw blunt, or install behind your own screw-in field more

Keep those arrow tips in place! Tip Jam is an easy to apply thread bond that keeps your screw-in arrow points and broadheads from vibrating loose.

This odorless concentrated tip paste applies directly to the threads of your point to fill in the gaps and create a more
Known as the "Unloseable miracle point." The spring arm are 1" in diameter and stop arrow loss by grabbing onto anything they hit. The Judo won't disappear under grass, or stick into trees. Practically indestructible. Require a 5° point taper to mount. more
Put the "Hex" on small game. Designed to be hard hitting to use blunt force trauma to quickly kill small game. Designed to fit a 11/32" diameter arrow with a 5° point taper.

Sold by the 6-pack. Available in 125, 145, 175, and 200 grains. Please more
We call them "The Hammer™" because it nails small game. Devastating on small game, and your new favorite stump shooting point. The fluted design with scalloped cutting edges grab into small game and keep your arrow from becoming stuck in trees more
Flat nosed steel blunts with small chamfer to prevent skipping. They are great for stump shooting and small game hunting. Each blunt is stamped with diameter and grain weight for easy identification. Require a 5 degree point taper to mount.

Sold by the 12, 100, more