broadhead storage

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A must for bowhunters, the MTM Broadhead Box offers safe storage and transport for 16 assembled broadheads. Holds both expandable and fixed blade, keeping them sharp and ready for the next hunt.

The outside of the Broadhead box measures 4.9" long x 5.4" more
Keep your Broadheads and Knives sharp and ready for action! The True North Rust Inhibitor is an all-natural product made from beeswax and silicone.

Apply a light coat on the blade to inhibit rust and extend the life of your broadhead or knife. Handy small lip more

The foam padding used in many broadhead cases can dull the edges of your broadheads. The Easton Stay-Sharp™ Broadhead Case solves that problem by using a proprietary rubber finger to support the ferrule, leaving the blades suspended and untouched. That means your more

Your broadhead is what brings down game and puts meat in the freezer. So it's important to protect this vital piece of gear. Count on the G5 Vault to keep your broadheads safe and secure during transport and storage.

The reinforced aluminum housing is lightweight more