Safety Slides

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Shoot with confidence! The Constrictor™ Slide System ensures your arrow won't snap back as you're stalking and stacking the big fish!

The Constrictor™ is a patent pending arrow slide created from all stainless steel. It features a 3 loop tie area that more

Nearly anyone who is into bowfishing has experienced fish arrow snap-back. The AMS Safety Slide is designed to eliminate that hazard! The AMS safety slide allows near perfect arrow launches and flight while keeping the string forward of the bow, where it belongs. Fits standard more

Arrow snap-back can ruin a fun day of bowfishing. Ensure your fish arrow flies steady and true with the Fin-Finder Arrow Slide.

The Fin-Finder Arrow Slide keeps the string in front of the bow, eliminating the hazard of snap-back. It will fit standard 5/16" fish more