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Fast drying spray polyurethane by Minwax. An easy way to protect your selfbows from moisture. 11.5 oz. can.
  • Convenient spray can
  • Fast Drying
  • Protects against moisture more
Birchwood Casey has offered this durable gloss finish for many, many years as a gun stock finish. It didn't take bowyers long to figure out that it is also an excellent bow finish. Easy to apply by hand. The more coats you hand rub, the nicer the finish will be. Especially more

New and improved! Has less odor, lower viscosity, clearer, no color bleeding, and deeper penetration on wood shafts.

Thunderbird Arrow Finish is a unique finish that starts out as a lacquer and dries to a tough polyurethane.

This very more

Give your bow building projects a natural touch with this quality All Natural Bow Sealer from Pine Hollow Longbows. Easy to use and made from all natural ingredients, this amazing sealer will protect your bow and give it a nice, natural looking finish.

It's easy and more