Serving Material

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A blend of Spectra/Dyneema and polyester. Uses Spectra for strength, Polyester for a strong grip, and combined they are very durable. Black/White blend only. Approximately 75 yards per spool for .21" and .25" diameters. The .18" is approximately 100 yards per more

Never underestimate the importance of the serving on your bow string. A good serving adds durability, lengthens the life of your bow string, ensures consistency in bow performance, and can improve your accuracy. This BCY 400 Nylon Serving Thread is the ideal string serving more

BCY Powergrip Serving Thread is tough stuff! This blend of tightly braided spectra and nylon prevents serving separation, and it won't stretch or compress. The resin coat means it grips well, making for smooth, seamless servings.

Available in .014" (120 yards more
Truly the desired thread of Kings and Queens down through the centuries, silk is the finest natural fiber in the world. This superior quality silk is extremely supple, yet resistant to stretch and wear.

Great for wrapping arrow fletchings and self nocks. Works more

Count on BCY to make bow strings better. Their quality nock point tying thread allows you to easily set a nocking point without using brass string nocks or c-clips.

Thread nocks let you to set a nocking point that is easily adjustable, and easier on the string more

Halo serving is a high tenacity braided Spectra that is suitable for end and center serving. Halo serving's high durability is great for finger shooters. Available in diameters; .014" (Black only), .019" (Black only), .021" (Black, Yellow, Red, Green, more

Brownell's twisted nylon bow string serving material has become the standard of string builders everywhere. Made of #4 size Nylon in .021" diameter. Measures approximately 100 yards a 1 ounce spool for solid colors.

Its low price and long lasting attributes more

Crafting the perfect bow string takes the right tools and supplies. 3Rivers Archery gives you an amazing all-in-one kit designed for both beginners and seasoned string makers. This kit provides you with the essential tools and materials to create a high-quality bow string. more