String Keepers

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Genuine suede leather and elastic cord construction combine in a functional bow string keeper that looks as good as it works. Uses a metal clip to hold the bow string in place. more
Unstringing your bow is a must when it's not in use. This quality Bison Leather and Antler Button String Keeper makes that vital task easy as well as stylish.

Made with real Bison leather, this fully adjustable string keeper offers a secure hold on any length of more
With a simple yet effective design, this quality Leather String Keeper is a great tool for keeping bow strings in place when your longbow or recurve bow is unstrung.

Remember, always keep your bow unstrung when not in use. And always use a string keeper to keep more

Stylish and functional, this all Bison leather string keeper is perfect for securing your bow string without marring your bow.

Ingenious, easy-to-use design. Simply slide the leather hood over the tip of your longbow or recurve. Then use the elastic cord to secure more

Unstringing your wooden longbow or recurve bow during storage or transport is important for eliminating harmful tension on the limbs. But a loose bow string can be lost or damaged. Use the Bearpaw leather tip string keeper to ensure your bow string is secured on your unstrung more

Those who embrace the noble sport of Horse Archery follow in the "hoof-prints" of a great and respected archery tradition. This Horse Bow Leather String Keeper lets you keep your bow string in place while transporting or storing your unstrung horse bow. more