Bow Building Books

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Learn the art of making primitive bows and arrows like our ancestors. From novice to "tricks of the trade" advanced techniques. Covers terminology, tools, bow woods, and bow designs. Also covers sinew backing, snakeskins, handle covers, and finishes. Bonus chapters on more

The first of a collection of four books that covers Everything you need to know about bow building. Volume 1 is a step-by-step guide from many of today's top primitive bowyers. Comprehensive coverage of topics from tree to bow. Highly recommended for beginner bowyers.

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Paul Comstock is a self bow expert. One of his specialties is white-wood bows. While reading this bow building manual, you'll learn how to make simple and effective self bows from many of the more common woods available. This book is intense yet written in a style that anyone more
A triumph for master bowyer Dean Torges. He has created the impossible. A book so full of useful information that it could be a college textbook, but written with so much insight and "soul" that you could almost read it to your children as a bedtime story.

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Do you think you could make a longbow in two days? Take the challenge with Teaching the Bow to Bend: Making a Longbow by Linda Schilling and Michael Wlotzka.

The Bowmaking team of Kunst-Griff is famed throughout Germany for their longbow making skills. more
For 20,000 years the bent stick and string has fascinated mankind. This original form of archery, without special features and modern technology, has been gaining popularity in the modern age. And the art of traditional bow building has also been rediscovered.

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This second volume in a set of four covers bending wood, composite bows, string making, ancient European bows, and more. A group effort by top primitive bowyers. Great book for the beginner to intermediate bowyer.

Paperback. 313 pages. Edited By J. Hamm.

The fourth book in a series of four. This volume is for the more advanced bowyer. Covering topics such as; heat-treating bows, the mass principle, character bows, design and performance, laminated wood bows, Ishi's archery tackle, and many other ground-breaking chapters. more

The third book in a series of four, this volume explores Plains Indian bows, arrows, quivers, Stone Age bows, bow making tools, horn bows, takedown bows, flint arrowheads and more.

Paperback. 351 pages. Edited By J. Hamm.

Beginning bowyers have a new place to... well, begin! The Backyard Bowyer is a superb guide to building basic archery bows.

Filled with over 300 pictures showing you the process step-by-step, this book gives you easy to follow instructions for crafting fine more
PVC Pipe Bows are becoming more and more popular. They're simple, inexpensive, and easy to make. Plus, they're dependable and effective.

Simple PVC Pipe Bows gives you complete and informative directions for building your own PVC Pipe Bows. These bows more
In your walls, beneath your floors, on the shelves of hardware stores throughout the country, there is an often overlooked material that's ideal for bow building. It's the common PVC Pipe, and with a little time and effort you can turn this humble object into a great bow that more