Bows Ages 15-17

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An old classic design still used by many summer camps all across the country. At 60" long with approx 29# pull at a 28" draw, the Titan is just right for older kids (10-18 years old) ready to move up from smaller youth bows, like our more

As your young archer grows you need to update his gear as well. The PSE Razorback offers three options for different age groups: The Lil' Razorback for ages 6-11, the Razorback Jr. for ages 12-14, and the Razorback for ages 15-17.

PSE has designed all three of these more

Thanks to Easton Archery, beginner archers never had it so good!

This Easton Beginner Archery Set is perfect for archers 8 to 18 years old. The 52" takedown recurve bow is molded composite that features dual arrow rests for shooting either right and left handed. The bow more

The Pilgrim Buck is a great option for older kids 12-18 years old. Beautifully designed and handcrafted, this bow melds style with functionality (grain pattern varies). Suitable for draw lengths up to 26", the draw weight is approximately 29# @ 26". The Pilgrim Buck more

Now is the time for high adventure! Saddle up with the Grizzly Bear PVC Horse Bow! This amazing PVC bow looks just like an authentic horse bow of ages past. It feels great in the hand and shoots like a dream.

The PVC is shaped and stained to look just like the more

Unleash your thirst for adventure with the Firefly PVC Recurve Bow! This bow is constructed of sturdy PVC, but it's shaped and stained to look like a true wooden recurve bow. An excellent bow to take on any fantastic quest!

This bow has a beautiful tan stain, giving more

Recreate ancient legends with the Panda Gong Takedown Horse Bow. This sleek, durable 48" classic horse bow recreates traditional Chinese bows of the past, but features modern composite nylon and glass fiber materials for a more durable, long-lasting performance.

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The 3Rivers Basic Youth Bow Kit is the quickest way to get your kids started in archery. Featuring just the essentials at an affordable price. This youth archery kit has everything your kid needs to start shooting a bow and arrow. 

Includes: Popular more

Young adult archers deserve the royal treatment! The Black Monarch Junior takedown recurve bow is just the kind of outstanding beginner's bow to make them Kings and Queens of the range.

Riser: Hard wood riser with a comfortable medium style grip. The more

Artfully finished, this Youth Prologue wood bow is a great way to introduce the youth in your life to primitive archery. The Prologue Bow would fit in great at any shooting club, Renaissance Faire, or on the archery range.

Made from one solid piece of Hickory for more

We call our new Traditional Only® takedown recurve "The Cairn" because in ancient times cairns were piles of stones used as landmarks to lay out paths and trails. Our Cairn Junior is just the bow to guide your young archers down the path of traditional more

Here's a youth bow that makes you want to be a kid again! Bear Archery's Little Bear Recurve is a beautiful little bow designed and built by experts for beginners.

The clear Maple riser and fiberglass backed limbs are not only attractive, but also give young archers more