DAS Bows™ HT-21 RiserItem Number: 81461X
$599.99 $599.99
Made in the US
DAS Bows™ HT-21 Riser

DAS Bows™ HT-21 Riser

Item Number: 81461X
$599.99 $599.99
Made in the US

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It's a riser so revolutionary it took three titans of traditional archery to bring it to life! 3Rivers Archery in collaboration with The Push Archery and TradLab presents the HT-21! This riser is designed to serve double duty as the perfect "hunting target" riser.

Together we designed, tested, and tweaked every inch of the 21" Dalaa® to craft the ultimate riser for the modern bowhunter who wants to expand into the world of competitive shooting. The HT-21 is a single riser that handles both the rigors of bowhunting, and the precision demands of competitive archery. There is no need to have a second "target rig" as the HT-21 offers everything in one.

You will sacrifice nothing. We've retained all of the attributes that make our 21" Dalaa great, but we've added improvements. Like the second recessed plunger hole, as well as modifying and optimizing the position of the plunger holes for improved shootability, tunability, and accuracy.

We've also extended the radiusedshelf for more off-the-shelf tuning. A stabilizer bushing has been added on the belly in-line with the front bushing, and we have increased the thickness of the scribed center line. The limb pad attachment has been reinforced, and the limb butt clearance has been increased. We've even added some deflex to the profile.

But the most significant modification is the innovative barebow weight system, allowing you to customize your HT-21 riser for precision balancing. Use any combination of the brass and aluminum weights to balance the riser to your specific shooting style. Even with these weight adjustments you will still be able to pass the riser through the 12.2cm barebow ring. Click here for additional weights.

Any grip that will fit your standard DAS Bows riser will fit the HT-21 riser. Click here for DAS Bows Dual Poly Dalaa Grips.

The HT-21 riser (with grip) weighs approximately 2 lbs., 13 oz. Every riser includes two brass side plates (4.8 oz. each), wrenches, adjustable strike button, and DAS manual.

Choose right or left handed, matte black anodized finish or DuraCoat sniper green finish, and ILF or DAS limb connection.

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm