DAS HT-21 Riser Barebow WeightsItem Number: 81811X
$34.99 $34.99 - $49.99
Made in the US
DAS HT-21 Riser Barebow Weights

DAS HT-21 Riser Barebow Weights

Item Number: 81811X
$34.99 $34.99 - $49.99
Made in the US

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Precision balance your DAS™ HT-21 hunting target riser with these innovative barebow weights. You customize your riser to your needs and desires.

Use any combination of the brass and aluminum weights to balance the riser to your specific shooting style. Even with these weight adjustments you will still be able to pass the riser through the 12.2 cm barebow ring.

Please note that while you can use the side plates alone, the center plates must be used in combination with at least one side plate. The center plates come with screws, while the side plates do not (as the HT-21 already comes with the required screws).

DAS™ HT-21 barebow weights are ambidextrous, allowing you to use them on either the right or left side of the riser.

Plates are sold by the each and available in the following models: Large Brass Side Plate, Large Aluminum Side Plate, Brass Center Plate, and Aluminum Center Plate. Please specify.

DAS™ HT-21 Barebow Weights Specifics

Large Brass Side Plate10.9 oz.3½"2¾"1/4"
Large Aluminum Side Plate3.5 oz.3½"2¾"1/4"
Brass Center Plate12.7 oz.3½"2"1/2"
Aluminum Center Plate4.4 oz.3½"2"1/2"
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm