Black Eagle Instinct Traditional Carbon ShaftsItem Number: 6810X
$54.99 $54.99
Black Eagle Instinct Traditional Carbon Shafts

Black Eagle Instinct Traditional Carbon Shafts

Item Number: 6810X
$54.99 $54.99

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Wood grain carbon is a great way to meld the look of wood shafting with the strength of carbon. Black Eagle Arrows takes that a step further with the Instinct® arrow, one of the only woodgrain micro-diameter carbon arrow shafts on the market!

The Micro-Diameter size (.165" inside diameter) of the Instinct® helps to offset the off-center design found in many longbows and recurves. It also gives you increased penetration and has less wind drift in flight.

Every pack is spine matched ±.010" and weight matched to ±1 grains per 6-pack for consistent shooting. The straightness is checked on the full length of the extra long 34" shaft. Straightness ± .005". Recommended field point: 9/32".

Plus, they've added their stainless steel outserts, adding 100 grains to the FOC (front of center) weight of the Instinct®. Please note, the Instinct® outsert adds ¾" to the overall length of the shaft. For example, if you order 30" shafts, they will be cut to 30" and the finished shaft with outsert installed will be 30¾" from the valley of the nock to the end of the insert.

Each carbon arrow shaft is inspected for quality, and features a Duracoat wood grain overlay finish to allow for easy refletching and cresting.

Available in (spine/GPI): 600/7.9, 500/8.8, 400/9.4, or 350/10.6. Please specify.
  • Premium 100% Carbon
  • Duracoat Wood Grain
  • .005 Straightness or Better
  • ±1 Grain Weight Tolerance
  • 34" Shaft Length
Black Eagle Instinct® Carbon Shaft Specifics

Spine Point GPI Length Outsert Nock Point
350 9/32" 10.6 34" 100gr Black Eagle "M" -- --
400 9/32" 9.4 34" 100gr Black Eagle "M" -- --
500 9/32" 8.8 34" 100gr Black Eagle "M" -- --
600 9/32" 7.9 34" 100gr Black Eagle "M" -- --
Straightness      ±.005"        Weight    ±1gr

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