Beaver Tail Bow Grip MaterialItem Number: 61013X
$57.99 $57.99 - $79.99
Made in the US
Beaver Tail Bow Grip Material

Beaver Tail Bow Grip Material

Item Number: 61013X
$57.99 $57.99 - $79.99
Made in the US

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The tenacious and industrious beaver boasts many natural defenses and abilities. Among them is its powerful tail, a thick and durable appendage which is highly valued for making quality leather. This vegetable tanned beaver tail bow grip material is ideal for bowhunters and archers who want quality without sacrificing tradition.

Crafted from ethically and legally sourced beaver tail hide, this grip material boasts the distinctive texture that archers and craftsmen have revered for centuries. The supple surface provides an excellent grip and a tactile connection to your bow.

Beaver tail leather is naturally scratch-resistant and water-resistant. It's ideal for all environments and weather conditions, making it the perfect material for traditional bowhunting gear.

Before working with the beaver tail hide, we recommend staining the material using a dye such as Fiebing's Water-Based Stain.

To install the grip material on your bow, cut it to your preferred size, then use barge cement and sinew to attach it to the bow grip.

While beaver tail hide is highly recommended for bow grip material, it can also be used to make armguards, arrow rests, strike plates, knife sheaths, and other leathercraft.

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Tanned Beaver Tail Bow Grip Material is available in two sizes: Medium (approx. 10" x 4-1/2") and Large (approx. 11" x 5-1/2").

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm