Bear RazorHead VWS Broadhead, 3-packItem Number: 52821X
$69.99 $69.99
Bear RazorHead VWS Broadhead, 3-pack

Bear RazorHead VWS Broadhead, 3-pack

Item Number: 52821X
$69.99 $69.99

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One of bowhunting's most celebrated broadheads makes a triumphant return! After nearly 66 years, the Bear Razorhead is back!

Fred Bear first introduced this legendary broadhead back in 1956. Now Bear Archery is bringing it back with some modern updates. Bear has added the VWS (Variable Weight System) to their Razorheads to allow bowhunters to customize the broadhead weight to 150gr, 175gr, 200gr, and 250gr.

Bear has used high-grade stainless steel in the Razorhead VWS Single Bevel Broadheads. It has been engineered to optimize impact and penetration, for bone busting power and devastating tissue damage.

Razorheads have several options for grain weight and installation. The default broadhead can be used as a 150gr glue-on point for wooden arrow shafts. Every Razorhead kit also comes with three different sets of inserts, along with three field points matching the weight of the broadhead. The inserts include a magnesium insert to make a 175gr head, aluminium insert for a 200gr head, and a stainless steel insert for a 250gr head. All inserts feature industry standard 8-32 threads to fit all carbon and aluminum arrow shafts.

The single right bevel design allows for bone-splitting penetration and maximum damage. The double bevel design offers maximum cutting surface. Razorheads feature a 1-1/8" cutting diameter and a .050" thick stainless-steel head. Measures approximately 2" long with a 11/32" ferrule.

Each Razorhead kit comes with three single bevel broadheads, three field points, and three inserts sets (with three each of magnesium, aluminum, and stainless steel inserts).

Available in right bevel or double bevel. Please specify.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm