Flu Flu 28" Youth Arrows with Rubber BluntsItem Number: 4294-3
$22.99 $22.99
Made in the US
Flu Flu 28

Flu Flu 28" Youth Arrows with Rubber Blunts

Item Number: 4294-3
$22.99 $22.99
Made in the US

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These 28" Youth Flu Flu arrows are perfect for young archers. The rubber blunt on the end adds extra safety during target practice. The 11/32" Port Orford Cedar shaft with clear sealer is as reliable and sturdy as Mom and Dad's arrows. The 4" TrueFlight® Flu Flu feathers create extra drag, so your arrows come out of your bow full force, but then slow down quickly after 30 or so yards. Finished with 11/32" Bohning Classic index nocks.

Not for bows over 40 pounds.

Colors vary from pack to pack of red, white, yellow, or lime. Sold by the 3 pack.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm