Yost Brass 3-Under Pro TabItem Number: 5917X
$57.99 $57.99
Made in the US
Yost Brass 3-Under Pro Tab

Yost Brass 3-Under Pro Tab

Item Number: 5917X
$57.99 $57.99
Made in the US

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Yost offers the most with their Brass 3-Under Pro Tab. Yost boasts that this is their finest and most versatile tab yet!

The CNC machined brass top overlay offers support, making the tab rigid for a consistent, clean release. The overlay is etched with the Yost logo and features an anodized protective finish. It is also features a machine etched index to help you "feel" where to place your fingers on the bow string. The machined holes feature radiused edges, allowing the paracord strap to rotate freely on the plate.

Yost has designed this tab to have a comfortable shape to fit many sizes of hands. The quality, Cordovan leather face is comfortable and slick for smooth releases. The suede backing feels good on your hand, offering comfort and protection. The modular construction allows you to add, remove, or replace layers as needed. This provides you with years and years of use.

Features stainless fasteners, durable elastic paracord, and a strong adjustable barrel lock.

Available in right hand in large size only.

Large size measures 3" x 2-3/4".

Made in the USA.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm