World Wildlife Guides (6-pack)Item Number: 9020-18
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Made in the US
World Wildlife Guides (6-pack)

World Wildlife Guides (6-pack)

Item Number: 9020-18
$32.99 $25.99
Made in the US

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There are 8.7 million species of animals on planet Earth. Some of them are endangered. Some of them can be hunted. But all of them are fascinating. Explore a variety of different animals in the World Wildlife six guide set.

Part of Jeff Corwin's Explorer Series, each guide features 11 pages of photographs, illustrations, and in depth information on animals from around the world. You'll learn about their habitats, anatomy, behavior, and other fascinating facts. Each guide covers different Families of animals and different sub-species. From adorable to deadly, you'll learn about some of the most amazing animals on the planet.

    Each set includes:

    The World of Bears
    Bears are found all over the world, from Arctic ice flows, to tropical rain forests. They are vital for controlling prey animal populations, and maintaining healthy plant growth by dispersing seeds through their scat. Learn about all the different varieties of thisanimal, their evolution, their habitats, and their behaviors.

    The World of Primates
    More than just monkeys, primates include lemurs, baboons, monkeys, and great apes. These cousins to humankind live in both the Old and New Worlds, with a habitat ranging from Central and South America, to Africa and Asia. This guide features fascinating information, photographs, and illustrations.

    The World of Sharks
    More than just killing machines, these misunderstood creatures come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and attitudes. Many are harmless plankton eaters. Others are fearsome predators, but rarely attack humans. This guide details many different species, detailing facts and correcting fallacies about one of the most diverse and amazing animals in the sea.

    The World of Snakes
    Another misunderstood animal, the snake is a vital part of many ecosystems across the globe. With a diverse habitat that covers every continent except Anntarctica, snakes are important for controlling insect, rodent, and bird populations. This guide tells you how to handle snake encounters, what to do if bitten by a venomous snake, and provides information about different species from around the world.

    The World of Wild Cats
    Like human beings, wild cats are apex predators. Consequently humans have long come into conflict with these amazing animals. This guide relays information on some of the most common wild cats throughout the world, from North America and South America, to Africa and Asia. You'll learn about the habitats, behaviors, and history of these beautiful and powerful animals.

    The World of Wild Dogs
    "Man's Best Friend" comes from a huge family that includes canine species around the world. This guide shows the wide-ranging habitat for these clever and resourceful predators. You'll learn about the habits and behaviors of these animals, as well as what to do when you encounter a wild dog.

Jeff Corwin is a worldwide respected biologist and wildlife expert. He is an avid conservationist, and supporter of ethical hunting and fishing. These guides feature a treasure trove of Jeff's knowledge about wildlife from around the world.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm