Whitetail'R® PhoneREAD'R™Item Number: 1263X
$10.99 $10.99
Whitetail'R® PhoneREAD'R™

Whitetail'R® PhoneREAD'R™

Item Number: 1263X
$10.99 $10.99

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Get a high-tech advantage with the Whitetail'R® PhoneREAD'R™! This handy device allows you to connect your trail cam to your phone for easy viewing or downloading of images. No app needed... just plug it in.

Not only that, but you can view images and videos on your tablet, PC, or smart TV as well. Save the photos or delete them from your trail cam. Android compatible models also allow you to reverse transfer photos and videos from your phone to a flash drive or SD card.

The Android Lite model features a micro-USB connection, while the Deluxe model includes an adapter for using USB Type C connection. Both of the Deluxe models also come with a handy stylus, which really comes in handy when operating the PhoneREAD'R™ in cold weather. No need to take off your gloves!

The Weath'R Shield™ protects the PhoneREAD'R™ from weather and debris. And the bright red color makes it easy to recover if dropped or misplaced.

Compact and lightweight enough to carry in your pocket.

Available in Deluxe (Android 4.1 or above - Motorola, Samsung, HTC, and LG), iPhone Deluxe (works with iPad as well), and Lite (Android 4.1 or above.) Please specify.
  • Weath'R Shield™ protects against weather and debris
  • Bright red color for easy recovery if dropped
  • View, save, share, or delete images from your trail cam using your phone
  • Reverse transfer photos and videos from your phone to flash drive or SD card
  • View images on your tablet, PC, or smart TV
  • Android models feature card slots for SD or MicroSD, plus USB plug for PC
  • Android models require Android 4.1 phones or above with OTG function
  • iPhone models work with iPhone or iPad
  • No APP needed, just plug it in
Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm