Ultimate Fire TinderItem Number: 65837
$12.50 $12.50
Ultimate Fire Tinder

Ultimate Fire Tinder

Item Number: 65837
$12.50 $12.50

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It's raining and you need a fire... fast! Rely on Procamptek's Ultimate Fire Tinder to ignite quickly, even when wet!

This amazing material is the perfect tinder. Use any type of ignition source: flint, ferro rod, matches. Even an empty lighter can create enough of a spark to ignite Ultimate Fire Tinder.

These highly flammable microfibers are weatherproof, waterproof, and wind resistant. Perfect for camping, survival situations, or disaster prep.

Non-toxic and environmentally safe. No fumes and no odor. Ultimate Fire Tinder has an extremely long shelf life.

Sold in a 3 ounce bag. There's lots of tinder inside to use in your camping and survival kits, with plenty left over for resupplying.

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm