Dean Torges Bowmaking Rasp UBR10Item Number: 9948
$99.99 $99.99
Made in the US
Dean Torges Bowmaking Rasp UBR10

Dean Torges Bowmaking Rasp UBR10

Item Number: 9948
$99.99 $99.99
Made in the US

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Serious bowmakers will appreciate this flat, hand-cut bowmaking rasp designed by bowyer Dean Torges at The Bowyer's Edge. This universal rasp is for shaping bows efficiently and accurately. It's the only rasp you'll need between the roughing out and final scraping stages of building your self bow.

Because of the long 10" length, you can sweep along the limbs with confident strokes, yet the narrow 7/8" width allows you to form the deeply convex or concave surfaces on a bow, such as the dips or the handle flares with ease.

The smoothness of cut from both sides comes from expertly raised teeth. Each cutting tooth is individually hand-raised with a mallet and chisel on a carbon steel blank, positioned in a quick cutting and non-clogging pattern to speed your work.

Each rasp offers two cutting surfaces, one coarse and one fine so there's no need to switch back and forth between rasps, nor to purchase two rasps. One does it all. Thecoarse side does not rake the work surface, but is aggressive and efficient. The finish side refines the shape and smooths the surface, leaving behind a fine sawdust.

A roll-pin provision for the rasp head allows you to attach a wooden cap, making the UBR10 a two-handled rasp. Several important advantages result.

1.) A handle on either end translates into a long-lasting tool. File manufacturers recommend that you not touch the teeth of a rasp or file because the moisture from your hands will corrode and blunt the teeth over time. That's been impractical advice until now.

2.) Shaping happens more accurately with greater touch when you pull rather than push the rasp. An oval-shaped head cap provides you comfortable "front wheel drive" control.

3.) Rasp teeth will no longer abrade your steering hand.

Each UBR10 comes with a machine cut cap blank, ploughed to the right width and depth, with a hole drilled tto accept the roll pin (included), at no extra cost. You can shape the cap as you desire. We recommend that you also epoxy-bed it in place. A simpler option is to supply your own round wooden drawer pull screwed on through the cap hole. The handle for the tang end is also provided.

The UBR10 compares favorably to the 10" European rasps selling upwards of $90.00 on the fine side, and cuts as fast and smoother than a #49 Nicholson on the coarse side and without clogging.

Note: The UBR10 is a quality bowmaking tool. It has it's own mind and purpose such as all quality tools do. The temptation may be great to hog wood with a two-fisted approach, but let the tool do the work. You should be more spectator than straw boss. Sawdust will fall to the floor and the work will speed along.

lease also do not use a regular metal file card to clean this or any rasp. Purchase a cheap, stubby nylon bristle brush for the purpose such as furniture refinishers use to clean paint-stripped molding, available from any paint store.
  • New! From Dean Torges
  • Hand-Cut Rasp
  • Fine and Course Sides
  • One Rasp Does ALL
  • Allows 2-Hand Use
  • Handles for both ends provided

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm