True North Basic Cresting KitItem Number: 7242
$58.50 $58.50
Made in the US
True North Basic Cresting Kit

True North Basic Cresting Kit

Item Number: 7242
$58.50 $58.50
Made in the US

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If you want to get back to basics, the True North Arrows Basic Cresting Kit is it! This kit has everything you need to start cresting your own arrows, except the cresting lathe.

Comes with two 7" cresting brushes (one 1/4" for wider cresting lines, and one 5/0 hairline for detail work), an arrow cresting drying rack, a one ounce jar of clear gloss finish, and three one ounce jars of cresting paints.

Colors include Black, White, and Metallic Silver.

All paints and the clear gloss are 100% Waterborne Acrylic Gloss Enamel.

The Arrow Cresting Drying Rack comes in a pair. Made from solid pine and measures approximately 6¾" x 1" x ¾". They hold 6 arrows of any shaft diameter.

Always clean carbon shafts prior to cresting or crown dipping. Checkout the True North Carbon Primer. We recommend a white base coat to help colors stand out. There is no need to clear dip over but it is recommended. Add water to achieve personal brushing desire. Usually dries in an hour, much faster with thin coats.

Make certain you allow plenty of dry/cure time. If you try to re-coat right away or overlap colors you may experience cracking or other defects. These cresting paints are NOT like lacquer (instant drying) and requires more dry time/cure time.

It is recommended that you do not mix True North Arrows LLC products with other manufacturer's products.

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm