Cajun Bowfishing Fishing BiscuitItem Number: 6028
$49.99 $49.99
Cajun Bowfishing Fishing Biscuit

Cajun Bowfishing Fishing Biscuit

Item Number: 6028
$49.99 $49.99

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Bowfishing just became a whisker more fun! The Cajun Bowfishing Fishing Biscuit Arrow Rest is a great way to keep arrows secure on your bow when bowfishing.

Cajun has specially designed this Fishing Biscuit for bowfishing with rustproof stainless steel hardware. Plus, they've added a rock-solid, dual-bolt mount. It's easy to set up... simply attach the Biscuit to your riser plunger hole and it automatically lines up the arrow rest.

Biscuit size: 0.36" inner diameter. Outside Arrow Diameter should be 23/64" or smaller. Use unfletched fishing arrows only. Do not use with fletched bowfishing arrows. Damage to biscuit or fletching may occur.

    Additional Features
  • Windage adjustment
  • Aluminum-encased biscuit
  • Laser-engraved reference marks
  • Rubber boots silence arrow loading
  • Designed for use with left and right handed bows

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm