Trading Post Discovery ILF Recurve Limbs Foam Core MEDIUM 45#Item Number: TP82270
$279.99 $259.99
Trading Post Discovery ILF Recurve Limbs Foam Core MEDIUM 45#

Trading Post Discovery ILF Recurve Limbs Foam Core MEDIUM 45#

Item Number: TP82270
$279.99 $259.99

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Trading Post Samick Discovery ILF Recurve Limbs - Foam Core Carbon MEDIUM (17=60") - 45# - Slightly Used limbs w/ some minor scratches. ILF set up and string silencers already installed on limbs. No returns, no backorders. First come, first served. S# SA-F21328

Samick has designed limbs for the top world class target archers and now they are bringing that design history and technology to the woods with the Discovery R3 foam core carbon hunting limb for your ILF riser. The Samick R3 limb is constructed of a foam core, paired with a carbon lamination, and sandwiched between black fiberglass to provide a solid recurve limb to transfer energy down range.

Using foam instead of wood for a bow limb's core offers the BEST performance from your bow shot after shot. Foam is a synthetic material, making it uniform and consistent the entire length of the lamination. No grain patterns and much less likely to have imperfections in the material compared to wood. Foamis lighter in weight than wood for faster recovery of the limbs (i.e. faster speed). Foam is also impervious to weather conditions, so feel confident in your shooting anywhere, any conditions.

The carbon strip offers rigidity. Preventing lateral movement during the shot, and faster recovery after the shot. Making your limb perform at its best on every shot. Offered in ILF limb connection for using with the large selection of ILF bow risers.

Combining these elements with the solid phenolic wedge, reinforced tips for using with high performance bow strings, and a stealthy matte finish you have an extremely efficient and effective hunting limb in all conditions.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm