Trading Post Traditional Only Barebow Arrows 6 pack 400 cut 29"Item Number: ARROWTP-14
$99.99 $79.99
Made in the US
Trading Post Traditional Only Barebow Arrows 6 pack 400 cut 29

Trading Post Traditional Only Barebow Arrows 6 pack 400 cut 29"

Item Number: ARROWTP-14
$99.99 $79.99
Made in the US

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Traditional Only Barebow 400 arrows 6pk, lime hens, cut 29" half outs installed $79.99. Non-returnable. No warranty. Limited supply. First come, first served. No backorders.

With a wide range of spines, Easton tough construction, and a slick new look, Traditional Only® Barebow carbon shafts are ready to take on any animal, meet any challenge, and survive any ordeal.

3Rivers Archery has partnered with Traditional Vision Quest and Easton Archery to produce a Traditional Only® arrow shaft with a .204" inside diameter. Add Easton's devastating half-out aluminum inserts for increased FOC (front of center) and you have an arrow shaft that strikes like lightning.

Features a solid white no-glare PhotoFusion™ finish with a durable clear coat that will not wear down or chip off with heavy use. This is a high visibility arrow for shot placement and easy arrow retrieval. The white finish makes this a particularly good arrow for "gap" shooters, allowing for better focus on the shaft end when at full draw.

The Barebow arrow experts at 3Rivers Archery and Traditional Vision Quest have tested, tested, and re-tested these shafts in all kinds of brutal conditions. These shafts have stood up to punishment that would make lesser shafts shatter. Not only have they survived undamaged, the PhotoFusion™ white finish and eye-grabbing graphics have remained intact as well.

The Traditional Only® brand stands for quality and exceptional performance. We don't put this name on just any product. But we proudly put it on these devastating arrows... just as you'll proudly put Traditional Only® Barebow carbon arrows in your quiver.

Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm